Cookies policy

Cookies policy applies to all services, apps and websites, created and maintained by CINI Sp. z. o.o..

By using the services, websites and apps, that belong to CINI Sp. z. o.o. you agree to using cookies according to this cookie policy.

In case you don’t agree, you can change the settings of your browser in a way recommended by the producer or quit using the websites, that are under CINI’s administrative operations. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are files made and downloaded into the users’ terminal equipment during his visits to the sites on the Internet. The files contain the information, that allows to identify the users’ equipment in order to display the page correctly. 
The files usually contain the information regarding the origin (the name of the website), cookie lifespan, browser identification and a unique session number, created for the users’ session.

Cookies do not endanger the system nor the computer of the Client.

What is the purpose of using cookies?

The main goal is to adjust the content of the website according to the preferences of the User and the speed of displaying the website. In addition they allow to collect the statistics, that inform, how the Users use our services. The above actions help to improve the displayed information and the way of displaying it, without a clear identification of the User. 

Which types of cookies do we use?

To assure the correct functioning of the websites, we create and use session cookies and persistent cookies. 

a. session cookies are temporary cookies, stored in the users’ terminal device until he logs out of the website or until he closes the browser.

b. persistent cookies stay in the users’ terminal device for the time predefined in the file settings or the parameters implemented in the terminal users’ software. Persistent cookies can be deleted at any time by the User of the browser.

By using the websites, that belong to CINI Sp. z. o.o., the User can receive cookies of the cooperating third parties (such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and so on) and others, with whom CINI Sp. z. o.o. established cooperation in regards to advertising. Additional information about the usage of cookies can be found on the websites of the abovementioned entities.

Can the User delete cookies from his terminal equipment?

Most internet browsers have been equipped with the mechanisms of managing, monitoring and organizing the cookies, they can be amongst other: blocked and deleted. Depending on the individual preferences of the terminal User, it’s possible to turn on and define the monitoring mode of the Users’ internet sessions. This action results in informing the User, when the website wants to save a cookie on the Users’ equipment. Blocking or turning off cookies can have a negative effect on the way the resources are displayed on the website and can limit the functionality of the website, such as the information, dynamically adapting to the preferences and expectations of the User. It also blocks the possibility of collecting anonymous data, that would help to improve the company’s websites in terms of the quality and marketability of the content.

Cookies, used by CINI Sp. z. o.o. can be blocked, deleted and monitored at any time, according to the Users’ individual needs and preferences.

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